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The splendid nature of the Faroe Islands is unmissable – quite literally. Whether you sail between fjords or fly between mountains upon arrival, you will be keenly greeted by spectacular nature, regardless of season.

Verdant green valleys engulfed by steep dramatic mountains, protecting small picturesque villages with colourful turf-topped housed; all home to the freshest of air. The vast ocean is the backdrop to any location, with no place in the Faroe Islands distanced more than 5 kilometres from the North Atlantic.

With daily flights from Copenhagen, Reykjavik and a number of other cities, as well as with regular ferry connections from Denmark and Iceland makes is easy to get to and from The Faroe Islands.

18 mountainous islands characterized by tall mountains, steep cliffs, deep valleys and narrow fjords. A breathtakingly beautiful and dramatic nature, fauna and plenty of seabirds and marine animals. The eye or ear that stop at the countless small and large streams of the islands, or rest by viewing over the Atlantic Ocean. Often turbulent but other times a mirror as far the eye can see.


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