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Torre Eiffel


France enjoys a breathtaking range of locations, from mountains to surf spots, from deserted old volcano landscapes to idyllic coastal locations such as the Riviera, on mainland France as well as the overseas territories. An amazing number of historical monuments can satisfy the needs of any period film, thriller, future apocalyptic drama or romantic comedy.

A varied architectural heritage : a wealth of Roman remains, traces of medieval times, Baroque art, « folies » dating back to La Belle Epoque, Art Deco, modern and contemporary art.

An authentic setting that blends the Mediterranean heritage with modernity.

An impressive diversity of sites such as museums, palazzos, villas, private mansion houses, religious edifices, quaint streets, piazzas, fountains, gardens and public parks…

When it comes to natural beauty, France can rival just about any other country on the planet. France’s scenery is as diverse as it is beautiful, with the glittering coastlines of the French Riviera, the patchwork fields of the Loire Valley, the snow-capped Alps and centuries old harbor towns of Normandy. This, of course, is hugely appealing for lovers of the great outdoors. Rather than choosing between mountains and beaches, France offers both and a whole lot more.


As for affordability, you can shoot at world famous landmarks, such near the Eiffel Tower in daylight or Notre Dame Cathedral for free! You will not be charged for shooting on the streets of Paris, as opposed to in some other capitals.


We treat every job as a unique project and tailor our services accordingly.

We will put together a plan for you that matches your exact requirements.



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