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The Lofoten Islands are the promise of real contact with nature, with the elements. Located just 200 km from the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands will surprise you. You will discover fine white sand beaches, a crystal blue sea, fishing villages out of a children's story, unforgettable landscapes.

Northern Norway is unique in so many different ways. An extensive range of accessible, dramatic and diverse locations.

A unique combination of a very good infrastructure, and beautiful, untouched nature makes Lofoten Islands a special place, rich in scenery.

The geographic profile ensures Lofoten Islands a great variety of climate, vegetation and scenery, ranging from the green and lush coast to the glaciers and the snow of the mountains, from the fjords to the wild and ragged nature in beaches.

Lofoten Islands locations also exposes it to great changes from one season to another, adding to the variation in scenery.

Building the geographical infrastructure has long been a priority, and despite the geography you can get almost anywhere by car. Coupled to this is a network of roads and bridges. National and international airports, ferry lines, and roads secure excellent connections between the different regions inside Norway and between Norway and the rest of the world.


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