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Four autonomous communities (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country) make up what is known as Green Spain.

The North of  Spain has two very clearly defined landscapes: the coast (the sea) and the interior (the mountains). The coast varies and is marked by estuaries, cliffs, white sandy beaches and many traditional seafaring villages. The mountains offer a wide variety of countryside and contrasts, with a predominance of green fields, thick forests (beech, oak and chestnut), deep ravines and valleys and saltwater rivers.

By land, sea or air. It doesn't matter how you get there. The lofty sight of the steep Cantabrian Mountains, with their rolling green valleys which meet the coastline in an abrupt outline which falls off into the deep blue Cantabrian Sea, captivates you before you even step foot in Green Spain. This is just the start of a unique experience for which you are going to need all five senses. Without them you will not be able to taste its gastronomy, be stunned by its architecture, breathe its nature, listen to its urban heartbeat or enjoy its hospitality.


Over the years, the North of Spain has set the scene for many film, series and tv advert shoots. It has many attractive resources, both natural and patrimonial, which are ideal scenes for cinema and TV plot locations. Sea and mountains, historical sites and modern buildings, forests and rivers, beaches and cliffs, palaces and industrial architecture…

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