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Image by Chris Holgersson


Switzerland amazes for its varied and contrasting territory. Ideal settings for a multitude of screenplays just a few kilometers from each other.

Small, beautiful and efficient. Switzerland offers a wide range of landscapes and top locations within very short distances, connected by a uniquely dense network of highways and railways that will get you around efficiently, from urban areas to snowy alpine environments, palm tree-lined lakeshores, medieval castles, contemporary architectures, picturesque cities, exquisite urban surroundings and much more.

From the uncontaminated nature of the glaciers to the industrial architecture of the large commercial railway junctions, from the small traditional villages of the past to urban areas, but also abandoned and anonymous places, in Switzerland you can find everything just a few kilometres from each other. Even indoors it has a lot to offer; from modern studio apartments to ancient medieval halls, passing through luxury villas, castles and large concert halls, we have plenty of space to stage any type of action.

Hardly any other country can boast of uniting so many different regions over such a small area. In some places it feels as if you are in southern climes, while elsewhere lush plants, rugged mountains, cultural highlights and much more await.


We treat every job as a unique project and tailor our services accordingly.

We will put together a plan for you that matches your exact requirements.



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