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TONI MONTES LOCATIONS is a location services company based in Asturias and Madrid (Spain), dedicated to all kinds of film and photographic projects. Where creativity and originality join the experience.​ Our collective unit offers a complete service, and is designed to meet the demands of our clients. The pursuit of excellence is at the core of who we are and what we do as location managers, scouters, and photographers.
Innovating, developing our potential and expanding our imagination are part of each of our jobs.

Toni Montes Locations is skilled in all aspects of film, video and print production, including management, logistics, permits, equipment and personnel. We offer extensive knowledge of locations and the permitting processes required for commercial filming.


Our passion and love for light, the creation of stories and nature, is manifested in each of our projects. Spreading that passion for what we do is our mission.


This is our life's work.



Gone are those first photo and video cameras, and the hundreds of reels of slides waiting impatiently in a closet to be developed. Gone is asking his mother for money to be able to develop the photographs of the last excursion to the mountains or asking for three reels of "ISO 1600" as a birthday present to be able to photograph the darkness of those magical and gloomy caves. That was more than 25 years ago, but little has changed since then. He is a little older and has some gray hair, but his enthusiasm and passion for the audiovisual world and nature are still intact. Totally self-taught. Multifaceted and diverse in terms of skills and abilities. Tireless traveler. In love with light and beauty. From the paradise of northern Spain to the fortunate Canary Islands. From the most cosmopolitan European cities to the wild cold of the Arctic Circle. From the deserts of Africa to the highest snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Storing memories in the hard disk of his memory, there are countless landscapes engraved with fire in his retina and in the sensor of his camera.

Lente Close Up


Legend has it that our location managers and scouters are always angry, covered in mud, and wear cowboy hats. Some even say that they sometimes have to pee in an empty beer bottle during explorations!
But the reality is that they are authentic, they bring joy, they get sh*t done and they know that anything is possible. They see the forest AND the trees. They find locations for photo shoots, films, brand activations and anything else that you can imagine. They believe that every day on the job should be exciting, interesting, challenging and fun.

Thank you for reading about us and feel free to call us. We want to help.

Interested in working for TONI MONTES VISUALS?

Grow Your Vision

With years of accumulated experience supporting the automotive, fashion and commercial industries, we offer an ever evolving inventory of visually stunning locations along with personal attention from our bookings team.

In need of a special location for your next shoot or event? You can reach out to us by phone, email, or this nifty form below.

The first step in our process is always to do a complementary file pull showing you what we have on file.  Our massive location library may already contain what you need without incurring any scout fees! Please get in touch to tell us about your project and we will be sure to deliver, making your creative dream a reality.

We are proud of our long standing relationships with leading clients and brands in the print, film, TV special events and look forward to working with you to find the perfect location for your project.

Drop us a line or fill out the form below and we’ll help you find the ideal location for your project.


We treat every job as a unique project and tailor our services accordingly. We will put together a plan for you that matches your exact requirements.




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